STADIUM Proj: 9135077-5
Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON CANCELLED
RL Hearn site, Portlands, M5V
Note: The future of this project is not known at this time. Coverage of this report has been discontinued.
Project:construction of a NFL stadium on the site of the abandoned RL Hearn generating plant in the Portlands on Toronto's Waterfront. The project would include demolition of the existing building and reuse of some of the existing foundation.
Category:Recreational bldgs
Tenant The Cortel Group, 2800 Hwy 7 W Ste 301, Vaughan ON L4K 1W8, Phone: 905-695-0800 Fax: 905-695-0801; Joe Derocchis
Owner's representative Ontario Power Generation Inc, 700 University Ave, Toronto ON M5G 1X6, Phone: 416-592-2555 Fax: 416-592-4181; Ted Gruetzner
First report Wed Apr 27, 2011. Last report Thu Jun 21, 2012.
This report Tue Feb 26, 2013.