SECONDARY SCHOOL Proj: 9137563-7
Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON CONTEMPLATED
Dante Alighieri Academy Catholic School, site undetermined, M6B
$12,000,000 est
Note: A prequalification for design consultants has closed at the owner. Owner has short-listed six proponents; invited Request for Proposals have been issued to the individual firms. Timeframe for consultant selection is not known at this time. Further update fall 2014.
Project:construction of a secondary school to house 1,300 students from Dante Alighieri Academy Catholic School currently divided across two main locations: the main campus at 60 Playfair St, near Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue, and the Beatrice campus, at 640 Lawrence Ave W. The project may include construction of a new school building or construction of an expansion to the building a 60 Playfair St.
Scope:1600 units
Category:Educational bldgs
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First report Mon Jun 06, 2011. Last report Tue Sep 24, 2013.
This report Tue Apr 15, 2014.